Journey of Giving
$1795.00 $1395 USD with sponsor donation

air and travel insurance NOT included


Oct. 27 – Nov. 1, 2018
7 day expedition


  • first night stay at the Hotel Catedral in La Paz
  •  6 days / 5 nights onboard our ship the “MV Adventure
  • administering medical / dental health care to remote communities whom otherwise would not have access to medical help
  • 7 communities will be the recipients of the medical and non-medical services
  • day trip by land to the community of Puerto Chale, Magdalena Bay to administer the non-medical part of the expedition; donations, community garden and compost project.
  • Additional services to be provided:
    • setting up compost systems in each community
    • planting gardens
    • optometry
    • hairdressing
  • When we are not administering the healthcare we will be:
    • hiking
    • snorkeling
    • kayaking 
    • wild life encounters

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Testimony from Past Journey of Giving Participants


The chance to be part of this years “Journey of Giving” has been an amazing experience. We always find such gratification in giving to communities in little ways – but, to be part of a team that was bringing health and well-being in a bigger way is awe inspiring. We really weren’t sure what our part would be in the project, as we are not medical or dental professionals.

We did want to contribute in whatever way we could though. This is our 5th trip to the Baja with Panterra, and with each visit we experience just how beautiful the people here are, both inside and out. Each day was a different project – palapas, double roofed palapas, walls, benches, gifts, sharing with the people. After each day, it was like wow, that was a great day, and we felt like we had given something to these amazing people. Even if it was a bench that was too big, not square, uneven. The community thought it was perfect. The highlight for us was our last day with the children.

When children are part of the mix, you feel that there is life everywhere. We had young and old, and that is exactly what life is about – families, working and sharing together in good times and bad. We felt like we were in a movie or television show, these just weren’t things that we see on a day to day basis, or ever for that matter.

We have been blessed to have met Lela and to have become part of the Panterra family. Each of our children have come away from a trip to the Baja with life changing experiences that will stay with them as they journey through their own lives. I know that giving back will always be a part of who we are. We hope that someday when our loved ones are no longer with us that Heaven can be a little bit like the amazing beauty and peacefulness that we have experienced on this trip to the Sea of Cortez.

Bob, Liz and Liam Tinworth