Baja Spirits and Culinary Cruise


Oct. 22 – 26, 2021
5 day expedition


  • 5 days/4 nights on board the MV Adventure
  • Combines Baja wine and culinary adventure with world class snorkelling and wildlife encounters
  • Guest Chef Rogelio Granado, national culinary award winner, private health chef and owner of Aguacatering of Los Barilles, will present local and regional cuisine while on the trip.
  • Founder of the Cabo Wine Club and wine steward, Tana Craighead, will work with Chef Granado in pairing Baja wines, tequilas and crafted beers to include presentations on the natural history of the different spirits being featured.
  • October is peak season for juvenile whale sharks and sea turtle hatchlings. 
  • In the evenings enjoy amazing stargazing with a Baja spirit in hand!
  • Space is limited to 12 guests

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Trip Advisor Reviews

Portland, Oregon

Reviewed May 26, 2019
Baja by Boat! Glorious Glamping
There are many ways to see Baja. Glamping with Lela and her crew is a fabulous way to experience the beauty and complexity of the natural environment.

What differentiates this experience is that Lela is an academic as well as an entrepreneur. She brings local college students on the trip to assist in the eco-education, help manage logistics with gear and safety, and learn what it takes to be successful in the ecotourism business. This, and the fact that the boat crew is made up off locals who speak Spanish as their first language, lands a learning component that is unique and satisfying.

For us, the other differentiators included the size and nature of the group, and the care for safety. The size and nature of the group (15 guests) was optimal in that there were no long lines and yet the mix of guests was interesting and fun, drawing from the Pacific Northwest, Canada, Britain and Australia. For safety, Lela was steady in her approach to doing things the safe way (good judgement even when weather forced changes in plans), the snorkel gear and wetsuits and panga boats were quality equipment, and the crew was experienced. Also, the boat was impeccably clean and well maintained throughout the trip, the cocktails were fun, and the night sky was absolutely stunning. I wish we had discovered this when our boys were in their early teens, and we would love to go back with a larger group of friends and family.

Thank you Lela and crew!


Edmonton, Canada

Reviewed August 4, 2018
New Experiences Changed My Outlook On the World
I have just returned from a week and a half on a live aboard ship in the Sea of Cortez. Amazing. Every moment of the trips was noteworthy and inspiring. Lela and Alan, the interpreters and guides (although they were so much more than that) planned each day after checking the winds, the currents and more. Each day took us to new places. Snorkeling in so many different spots with unparalleled sea creatures…colourful, abundant fish, octopus, sea stars, cucumbers, rays and turtles we’re just some of the things we experienced in the warm, clear waters of the Sea of Cortez. Huge pods of dolphins changed their courses to swim with our boat and jump in our wake. Encounters with fin whales were awe inspiring. Sea turtles, sea lions and manta rays regularly swam by as we traveled. Two pangas were always ready to allow us to get closer to the animals we saw. I can’t express how exciting it was to move amongst hundreds of mobula rays. Accommodations on the ship were terrific and the chefs ensured that the food and drink kept flowing. Such delicious food. Visits to fishing villages along the way allowed us to meet the people who made a living in the area. Hikes in the arroyos in the early mornings allowed us to see a part of Mexico that many do not. I had no idea that so many lizards and birds could live in such a hot, dry environment, Bird watching excursions, sea lion rocks and nurseries and night time sea life viewing all added to the experience to make this trip so memorable. With Lela and Alan to help interpret what I was seeing and experiencing, I now have a good start to understanding the need for the stewardship and protecting this amazing natural area. I have travelled with Panterra three times, now. There is no doubt I will be back.