General Statement
Panterra requires all crew and expedition team to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (to include boosters) prior to departing on any of its expeditions.

Guest Protocols and Guidelines
As we continue to monitor relevant government and international regulations and jurisdictions, we will update our guests on any changes to the protocols and guidelines for all operating expeditions noted below.

Prior to Arriving:
1. Proof of a COVID-19 negative test within 48 hours prior to the start of the trip, is required. Antigen and PCR tests are recommended. Guests not meeting this requirement will forfeit their spot on the trip at no penalty to Panterra.

During transfer from Cabo to La Paz:
We kindly ask guests to wear masks while traveling in the vans. Panterra protocols regarding transportation requires the driver to wear his/her mask at all times.

Arrival to the Marina and Boarding the MV Adventure:
1. Temperature check.
2. Verbal COVID19 questionnaire.
3. For the first evening we kindly ask all guests, crew and staff to wear their masks in enclosed areas as we all settle in to our new surroundings.
Please note: Guests who have not submitted proof of a COVID-19 negative test to Panterra, within 48 hours prior to boarding will be denied full participation on the trip.

During the Trip:
– While onboard the crew will follow the COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Guidelines set out by the Mexican government, governing commercial passenger vessels.
– Hand sanitizer will be available in each stateroom and in the enclosed areas onboard.
– Should a guest exhibit any form of flu-like symptoms we will have onboard a Rapid Home Test for COVID-19.
If the *Rapid Home Test(s) is/are positive, the following protocols will be applied:
1.  Isolate the guest(s) with COVID-19 from the rest of the passengers and crew. Assess severity and deal with case by case accordingly.
2.  Expenses for test, medical, hospital and/or hotel is the responsibility of the guest receiving care and/or guests receiving medical assessment.
*It is suggested guests bring their own Rapid Home Test for COVID-19 as a second/back up test in the event of a positive result.

The Day of Disembarkation:
For guests who are departing Mexico on the day of disembarkation and requiring a COVID19 test, Panterra will arrange for the lab technician to conduct Antigen tests at 8:00 am onboard the ship the morning of disembarkation.


May We Reiterate:
We highly recommend guests purchase travel insurance to protect their vacation investment. At the least, adequate Medical Insurance to cover any unforeseen situations that may arise. We recommend that you purchase an All-Inclusive Travel Insurance, for full protection to include unexpected cancellations, flight interruptions and unforeseen medical situations such as contracting COVID19.


DISCLAIMER:   Panterra shall NOT be held responsible for any interruptions to the trip or outcomes due to COVID19. We are all in this together and it is beyond our control to protect 100%.


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