Snorkeling with Whale Sharks
 – Oct 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019 
Important info: SEMARNAT, a Mexican government  agency, is responsible for tourism in the the whale shark area known as Mogote. They control the number of boats in the area. The captain must call by VHF to request the access before entering the area. SEMARNAT will call back to allow the access, depending on how many boats are in the area and we must wait our turn. At times it can take up to 1 hour waiting in line. Should this happen we will extend the tour to allow guests to have the encounter with the whale sharks. When we are finished the activity, the captain then calls by VHF to advise that we are done, giving the opportunity to other boats waiting. All boats have a tracking device and SEMARNAT is watching who is in and out of the area in real time with a GPS. Certified guides are allowed to take no more than 5 persons at a time in the water with a whale shark and only for a 30 minute period.

Snorkeling with Sea Lions – black out date is from June 1, 2019 to August 31, 2019
During this time the female sea lions are pupping. To respect this time period, it is not possible to swim or dive in Los Islotes or San Rafaelito. We can visit Los Islotes for viewing only and will then move to a reef for snorkelling. 

Winter Weather Conditions disclaimer – Due to the unpredictable weather patterns during the winter months we have suspended taking bookings on the Espiritu Santos Island Tour. The tour will resume March 1, 2018.