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ar away, on the coast of southern Baja Peninsula and the desert islands of the Sea of Cortez, there are small pocket communities of people living in harmony with the land and sea. Practicing traditional fishing, farming and agriculture these folks are without many of the amenities we have in our own homes and communities.

Over the years these remote communities have opened their doors to Panterra allowing our guests to explore the surrounding land and sea, and experience their kind and beautiful culture. Some people would say that the living and working conditions are unbearable in this desert climate. Some people stop and wonder how they can possibly survive the way they do. Through all of the challenges they face, when you meet the people of the communities you see there is such contentment and happiness. The most important things to these communities are family, subsistence and community.

Panterra Educational and Cultural Training Society, in an effort to return their kindness and hospitality has thoughtfully listened and designed support programs to enhance the well being of the communities. We are NOT trying to change their lives by our standards but rather by their own and at the community’s request and pace.

Your kind donation will help support community requests for enhancing their well-being in an effort to keep up with our ever changing world.

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