1. Journey of Giving Medical Expeditions

Panterra, has teamed up with the Secretaria de Salud (Department of Health in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico) to offer medical and dental assistance to communities accessible only by sea on board our 110′ live aboard ship the MV Adventure. The “Journey of Giving” Medical / Dental Expedition has been designed to provide health care services, which cannot be otherwise obtained by the communities. We will be coordinating a volunteer medical/dental team from both Canada and Mexico consisting of doctors, dentists, nurses, certified dental assistants and dental hygienists.

Since the program started in 2009 it has grown to include non-medical projects such as:
A builders team – providing building materials and labor for the construction of water tanks, palapas and other structures that will enhance the community.
A “kids program” team – volunteers work on arts and crafts projects with the kids in the community. By engaging the children in arts and crafts they are given the opportunity to develop skills, experience new ways of seeing and doing, recognize their own abilities and express themselves artistically. It is an exercise in discovering and connecting with themselves.
Gardening and Composting team – introducing community gardens and composting to create fertilizer and better opportunities for growing their own fruits and vegetables.
Hairdressing and Well-being team – it is amazing to see the positive changes in people when they get a haircut and receive personal toiletries to enhance their well-being.

Monetary donations received for this project will go towards the following:

  • medicines
  • extensive community first aid kits
  • building materials
  • arts and crafts materials for the kids program
  • fruit trees and plant seedlings
  • food bags of basic staples


2. Wildlife Conservation Projects

We have incorporated three wildlife conservation/research projects into our expeditions:

  • sea turtle monitoring program
  • sea turtle release program
  • whale shark research – under the direction of world renowned whale shark scientist, Dra. Deni Ramirez Macias

Not everyone who has an interest in the protection and conservation of wildlife has the opportunity to get out into the field and participate in such programs. Now, with Panterra, you can contribute to both the conservation and research of marine wildlife with a simple donation.

Monetary donations received for this project will go towards the following:

  • research equipment
  • services required to carry out the research on the research expeditions


3. Baja Gifts Program            

– please follow the link for more information

Monetary donations received for this project will go towards the following:

  • school supplies
  • personal hygiene toiletries
  • sports equipment
  • food bags of basic staples
  • arts and crafts