Baja Spirits and Culinary Cruise

DATE:  Oct 23 - Oct 27, 2022  |  5 day cruise - liveaboard cruising


  • 5 days / 4 nights onboard the ship the MV Adventure
  • Founder of the Cabo Wine Club and wine aficionado, Tana Craighead, will work with our guest chef in pairing Baja wines, tequilas and crafted beers to include presentations on the natural history of the different spirits being featured.
  • Guest Chef Rogelio Granado, national culinary award winner, private health chef and owner of Aguacatering of Los Barilles, will present local and regional cuisine while on the cruise.
  • hiking
  • snorkeling
  • kayaking
  • birdwatching
  • whale sharks, dolphins, sea lion and mobula ray encounters
  • visit to remote communities
  • Guests will receive a special wine and culinary cruise gift pack from your hosts

Recommended Add-Ons

Journey to the Sea of Cortez (5)

Journey to the Sea of Cortez (5)

Journey to the Sea of Cortez (5)

DATE:  Oct 05 - Oct 09, 2023  |  5 day cruise only


  • 5 days/4 nights on board the MV Adventure
  • snorkelling
  • light hiking/beachwalking
  • kayaking
  • wildlife viewing
  • stargazing
  • nightlight

Read more: Journey to the Sea of Cortez (5)

Hotel Catedral

Hotel Catedral

Hotel Catedral

Information: HOTEL CATEDRAL is a new concept of lodging that adapts to the needs of today's traveller. It is framed in the historic center of the city, surrounded by the main points of interest and next to the oldest church in La Paz, Cathedral of Our Lady of La Paz. With its sophisticated architecture in a contemporary modernist style, Hotel Catedral concentrates on each of the details to offer its guests a service of excellence and quality, both in the rooms and in its haute cuisine restaurant. The hotel, more than a lodging, is an invitation to a way of life based on elegance, comfort and relaxation.

Cost: $150 (single/double) per night

West Cape Adventure (Arts and Culture)

West Cape Adventure (Arts and Culture)

West Cape Adventure (Arts and Culture)

Information: Land based. Day trip. Our destination is Todos Santos. This older, quaint, traditional Mexican town is known for its shopping. A plethora of boutiques, souvenir shops and art galleries offering leather, cotton, ceramics, glassware, hand crafted goods and silver jewellery with a special visit to the Blanket Factory. The joy of shopping in Todos Santos is in wandering the streets shop after shop with so much to offer the buyer. You may even choose to have lunch (guest responsibility) at the famous Hotel California of the Eagles band fame.

Cost: $120 per person
Duration: 6 hrs
Season: year round

East Cape Adventure (Wildlife and History)

East Cape Adventure (Wildlife and History)

East Cape Adventure (Wildlife and History)

Information: Land based. Day trip. Our destinations are San Antonio and El Triunfo. San Antonio offers easy hiking on the newly developed trails through the ranchlands. Bird watching and visit to a local ranch allows you to learn about the history of the area and to explore an abundance of desert life. After San Antonio visit El Triunfo for the mining museum and enjoy lunch (guest responsibility) at one of the local restaurants.

Cost: $120 per person
Duration: 5 hrs
Season: year round

Copper Canyon by Train – multiday

Copper Canyon by Train – multiday

Copper Canyon by Train – multiday

Information: Travellers visit Copper Canyon for Mexico’s only passenger train that took 100 years to build. It traverses 87 tunnels and 37 bridges. It is an incredible feat of engineering. Arrive at one of the most breathtaking scenery's that is much grander than the Grand Canyon. It has a magic unto itself. You can feel it in the mountain air! Lots of options for hiking, exploring local culture, or just relaxing with a drink from your room with a view beyond words. Experience the mysterious life of the Raramuri indigenous people of the barefooted “Born to Run” fame. The Raramuri artisans offer their handcrafted weaved baskets, carved wooden figures and more. In Chihuahua enjoy the hospitality and local/regional culinary cuisine. From the Sea of Cortez to the skies of Copper Canyon this is truly an adventure of a lifetime!

Cost: $1695 per person / single supplement $200
Duration: 5 days
Season: year round
Contact: For more information please contact: davehensleigh@gmail.com or phone: 1 217 369 9897
Website page: Authentic Mexico Travel – Copper Canyon

$2295 USD
Available Spots : 0

Air and Travel Insurance NOT included.

We highly recommend guests purchase travel
insurance to protect their vacation investment.


Review posted by Deborah C – March

Amazing trip, 5 Stars

I have been to many amazing destinations but this trip really was fantastic. The variety of marine life and the way we were able to interact with the marine mammals was so rewarding. Our two naturists were extremely knowledgeable about the sea, wind and animals, this enabled us to see not only the wildlife expected at this time of year but also two blue whales. Highlights of this trip was seeing grey whales, blue whales, fin whales, minke whales, humpback whales, sea lions, whale sharks, mobula rays, too many birds to mention and lots and lots of cactuses. We snorkelled with whale sharks and sea lions, went rock pooling, beach combing, kayaking and drank lots of cocktails.

What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

So difficult to say, both snorkelling with the whales sharks and with the sea lions was amazing but seeing the blue whales was too (and the humpback whales). Lela explained that we would have a better experience with the grey whales at Porto Chale instead of Magdelena bay as there were quite a lot of boats in the bay. This was the right decision as were were the only boats and were surrounded by 40-50 whales.

What did you think of your group leader?

Lela is just a lovely, knowledgeable, caring, compassionate person who did everything possible to educate the group and make sure each and everyone of us had a great trip.

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

My only advice would be to make sure you don’t take the flight (which in this case was the group flight) which has a 6 hour 40 minute layover in Mexico City. Two flights to San Jose Cabo departed before ours and we would have had more than enough time to catch either of them.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

If you love marine life, birds, beautiful scenery and great cocktails then you will love this trip.

Trip Advisor

“Grey Whale Eco-camp and Grey Whales and Whale Sharks”
Reviewed 1 week ago

With wildlife based holidays you can never be sure if the said ‘wildlife’ is going to turn up; it is the risk you take. Our trip to La Paz, Baja California Sur delivered wildlife in shedloads.

While there we did two trips, both with Panterra Eco Expeditions.

The first was to an eco-camp in the Grey Whales Lagoons of Magdalena Bay. The camp was remote, beautiful and basic; you could sit on the beach and watch the whales and their calves in the lagoon or take a trip or five, on the water in a panga (small boat) which meant that you could get even closer to the whales. We were impressed by the way in which Lela (Panterra) allowed the whales to make the decision as to whether they wanted to engage with the panga or not and also if there were too many boats around a whale to back off and wait for another one to engage with us. We had so many whale and calf encounters we lost count, but each one was special and the calf allowing us to tickle their tummy was very special indeed. Not only did we see whales, but we also learnt a great deal about them. Make sure you have a jacket, as the pangas move quickly about the water and often have some distance to travel to find the whales. This trip lasted three days.

The second part of the trip was a live-aboard on the MV Adventure and again exceeded our expectations in what Lela and her crew delivered. This part of the trip was six days. Because of the unusual weather Lela moved the trip itinerary around, so that we could undertake the snorkelling activities – Whale Sharks and Sea Lions – when the Sea of Cortez was calm. What can we say swimming with Whale Sharks – how privileged were we – I’m not a strong swimmer, but Alan made sure I could keep up with the Whale Shark by giving me some help. As for having a Sea Lion swimming directly for you and then turning away at the last moment is still making me laugh; I’m not sure who was more interested us or the Sea Lions.

Other great moments – the bird life, Ospreys being so plentiful around La Paz; who knew cactus could be interesting; beach combing like we did as children, but with much more variety; the Mobula Rays doing both forward and backward flips – making us laugh out loud; the humpback whales breaching and showing us their flukes and deeply special the two Blue Whales we saw. Not to mention the fantastic food, always just the right amount and extra snacks available whenever required; and then there were the cocktails – sitting on deck with a delicious cocktail in hand watching wildlife. Thank you Panterra – Lela, Alan and the MV Adventure crew – ‘Amazing’ is an overused word, but both parts of the trip were amazing. Top Tip make sure you have spare batteries and memory cards for you camera – you are going to use them all up.

Visited March 2017


I just spent the most amazing time in the sea of Cortez with Panterra Eco Expeditions.
We spent a week on the MV Adventure Island hopping, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, whale watching and making friends. It was truly one of the most beautiful trips I have ever taken.

It was a very easy trip to take. Lela has you plucked from the airport, safely delivered to La Paz, then you’re on the boat and having dinner while underway. I left Victoria BC at 10am and was having dinner in the Sea of Cortex by 7pm. It doesn’t get any easier than that.
The crew on The MV Adventure were very professional, kind and a lot of fun. The food was excellent!! Omar is the chef and he cooked up some amazing meals. With 15 plus people on the boat there were some diet restrictions and he made sure everyone was taken care of weather you were a vegetarian or couldn’t have spices.

Safety is a number one priority and there was a full time safety officer on board at all times. If we were snorkeling or hiking he had his entire gear ready in case of an emergency. I found Guri to be extremely professional and he had a great deal of experience.

We stayed all week on the boat then went to Magdalena bay to interact with the whales on the Pacific side. The scenery was breathtaking. Watching the Whales with their babies was incredible.
That was a fabulous day that included lunch on the Isla Margarita. The wonderful chef there made us a lobster and halibut lunch.

The next day we snorkeled with the whale sharks in the sea of Cortez out of La Paz. I had no idea these fish were such beautiful creatures and so docile. Absolutely a beautiful experience!!. I can’t wait to go back.

Lela is a phenomenal photographer and took hundreds of photos for us so that we did not have to be behind our cameras the entire time allowing us to truly enjoy the experience. She is a very gifted talented photographer.

I have my own sail boat and I sail the Gulf Islands in British Colombia. It would take me 30 years to see all of the beauty I was fortunate enough to see with the Panterra Eco Expedition. I have done a lot of traveling all over the world and this trip was truly the most beautiful experience to date.

I would highly recommend this trip!
Tracey D Duncan BC

Visited March 2015

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