Getting to the ship from La Paz or Cabo airport?

Our trips include airport transfer on the first and last day of the expedition. If you are arriving earlier or staying on in Cabo we can drop you off at your hotel for $15.00 US per person. If you would like a private transfer at any time the cost is $175.00 per van up to 10 persons one way. Stays in La Paz we can arrange for you (with the exception of anything north of Cost Baja Resort) as an extended courtesy and one Margarita!

There is also a company EcoBaja Tours that do offer transfers from La Paz and Cabo round trip at a cost of approx. $545.00 Pesos per person one way. It entails booking online with no phone support. I personally use it but have had issues in July with vehicles and no air conditioning. But I still use them when necessary. They are a good company! Please feel free to contact us to discuss any transportation needs you may require outside of our service.

How do we address seasickness?

The ship, the “Adventure” has a considerable amount of stability, designed with the safety and comfort of the passengers in mind. In addition to this stability, in the event of bad weather, we simply avoid and do not venture into it. We have backup plans for alternative destinations and activities. However, if you suffer with motion sickness we recommend “sea bands” which are an elastic material band that sit on the pressure points of the wrists. Your second alternative is to use Gravol. Please check with your doctor if you have any further concerns. We have never had a guest whose trip was ruined by seasickness.

What are the accommodations, washroom and shower facilities like?

Accommodations on board the Adventure, are single berths based on double, triple or quad occupancy with both upper and lower bunks. Each stateroom features air conditioning, cupboards and drawers to unpack in, sink/vanity and comfortable spacious bunks. Shared restrooms and showers are separate to the staterooms.

What if I come alone?

No worries, many of our guests travel solo. The vessel has accommodations for 24 guests, but we cap our group sizes to 18 guests plus 2 naturalists. Consequently, there is the odd cabin that only one person will occupy. We will try to arrange single accommodation or put you together with a suitable partner. The wonderful part about these trips is the opportunity to meet new friends.

How remote is the area we will be exploring?

For the first couple of days there are other boats around our anchoring spots. However, later on in the trip, we are usually the only ones in most of the areas we explore. The Adventure self-contained with freshwater, food, fuel, etc. Imagine having the whales, dolphins, and beaches to ourselves – you couldn’t ask for a better playground. Once we have departed, the only other human interaction, outside of our onboard guests, are the folks at the remote communities we will be visiting In the event of an emergency the Adventure is equipped with a satellite phone, cell phone, VHF and single band radio.

What type of clothing will we need to bring?

During the months of February to July the average temperature in the Sea of Cortez ranges from 20 – 38º Celsius (68 – 100ºF), getting progressively warmer into the year. The days can become quite warm and in the evenings, the temperature is much cooler and may require a sweatshirt or light jacket.

Suggested Clothing:
– sun hat/ball cap
– T-shirts
– shorts
– light pants/shirt
– warm jacket
– swimsuits
– beach towel
– closed toe water shoes
– light hiking shoes
– water bottle
– sunglasses (UV)
– daypack for shore excursions
– biodegradable sunblock
– lip balm – camera

If you have any questions about your gear please feel free to contact us.

Do you have a place for camera battery charges, etc?

Each stateroom has its own standard electrical outlets. For those participants who have digital cameras please insure that you have enough cartridges for your film as there is not a computer on board to download pictures.

What about Safety?

The safety of our guests is our first priority. It is important to remember that these trips take place in a wilderness environment, far from hospital services. Involvement in activities like viewing animals from skiffs, kayaking, hiking, exploring, and swimming in natural environments contains inherent risks. If at any time you have concerns about your own safety, please advise the naturalists. Participation in all activities is voluntary. There is NO SMOKING permitted onboard the ship. What Means of Emergency Communication Are There on the Ship? In the event of an emergency the ship is equipped with a satellite phone, cellular phone, single band radio and two VHF radios. All communications from family members or friends must be directed to the Panterra office at 1-800-665-6639. Once received the Panterra office will relay any messages with respect to an emergency only. Non-emergency calls will have to be made by the participant via public phones prior to the departure and upon return of the vessel.


The weather is generally warm and beautiful. During the day temperatures range from 20 – 30 degrees Celsius and a t-shirt and shorts are usually all you need. The evenings cool down and can occasionally dip down to 15 degrees Celsius sometimes requiring light pants and jacket. Sunburn and dehydration, in any weather, should not be taken lightly. Our daily activities are designed around the weather and certain areas may be inaccessible due to the sea and weather conditions. Safety and comfort of our guests are our main priority.

Air Temperature / Water Temperature
January – 20-24 C (68-75f) / 16-20 C (61-68f)
February – 20-24 C (68-75f) / 16-20 C (61-68f)
March – 20-24 C (68-75f) / 16-20 C (61-68f)
April – 22-26 C (72-79f) / 18-22 C (65-72f)
May – 24-28 C (75-82f) / 18-22 C (65-72f)
June – 26-32 C (79-90f) / 20-24 C (68-75f)
July – 28-38 C (82-100f) / 24-30 C (78-86f)
August – 30-34 C (86-104f) / 24-30 C (78-86f)
September – 30-34 C (86-104f) / 24-30 C (78-86f)
October – 26-32 C (79-90f) / 24-30 C (78-86f)
November–  22-26 C (72-79f) / 20-24 C (68-75f)
December – 20-24 C (68-75f) / 18-22 C (65-72f)

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