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$1695 USD per person

air and travel insurance NOT included

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Feb. 24 – 28, 2020
5 day expedition


  • 2 nights accommodation at the Hotel Catedral La Paz
  • 2 nights accommodation at Villas Isabella, San Carlos, Magdalena Bay
  • 3 days of whale watching (12 – 15 hrs total)
  • we will be visiting three distinctly different areas of Magdalena Bay (50 km length) where the whales aggregate and behavioral differences can be observed.
  • whales, marine life, birds and coastal geoecology
  • excellent opportunity for scenic and wildlife photography
  • natural history, educational and cultural expedition


Monarch Butterflies (multi-day – Feb. 29 – Mar. 6, 2020) 
– This add-on has been specially designed for Panterra post-trip 
Copper Canyon (multi-day)
Snorkel with Whale Sharks (day trip)
Espiritu Island Adventure – Snorkel with Sea Lions (day trip)
East Cape Adventure – Wildlife and History (day trip)
West Cape Adventure – Arts and Culture (day trip) 


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1 – Trip Advisor

“Grey Whale Eco-camp and Grey Whales and Whale Sharks”

With wildlife based holidays you can never be sure if the said ‘wildlife’ is going to turn up; it is the risk you take. Our trip to La Paz, Baja California Sur delivered wildlife in shedloads.

While there we did two trips, both with Panterra Eco Expeditions.

The first was to an eco-camp in the Grey Whales Lagoons of Magdalena Bay. The camp was remote, beautiful and basic; you could sit on the beach and watch the whales and their calves in the lagoon or take a trip or five, on the water in a panga (small boat) which meant that you could get even closer to the whales. We were impressed by the way in which Lela (Panterra) allowed the whales to make the decision as to whether they wanted to engage with the panga or not and also if there were too many boats around a whale to back off and wait for another one to engage with us. We had so many whale and calf encounters we lost count, but each one was special and the calf allowing us to tickle their tummy was very special indeed. Not only did we see whales, but we also learnt a great deal about them. Make sure you have a jacket, as the pangas move quickly about the water and often have some distance to travel to find the whales. This trip lasted three days.

The second part of the trip was a live-aboard on the MV Adventure and again exceeded our expectations in what Lela and her crew delivered. This part of the trip was six days. Because of the unusual weather Lela moved the trip itinerary around, so that we could undertake the snorkelling activities – Whale Sharks and Sea Lions – when the Sea of Cortez was calm. What can we say swimming with Whale Sharks – how privileged were we – I’m not a strong swimmer, but Alan made sure I could keep up with the Whale Shark by giving me some help. As for having a Sea Lion swimming directly for you and then turning away at the last moment is still making me laugh; I’m not sure who was more interested us or the Sea Lions.

Other great moments – the bird life, Ospreys being so plentiful around La Paz; who knew cactus could be interesting; beach combing like we did as children, but with much more variety; the Mobula Rays doing both forward and backward flips – making us laugh out loud; the humpback whales breaching and showing us their flukes and deeply special the two Blue Whales we saw. Not to mention the fantastic food, always just the right amount and extra snacks available whenever required; and then there were the cocktails – sitting on deck with a delicious cocktail in hand watching wildlife. Thank you Panterra – Lela, Alan and the MV Adventure crew – ‘Amazing’ is an overused word, but both parts of the trip were amazing. Top Tip make sure you have spare batteries and memory cards for you camera – you are going to use them all up.

Visited March 2017 

 2 – Trip Advisor 

“Amazing interactions with sea animals!”

One of the most amazing experiences of my life began before I even arrived in La Paz. Lela ensured that I had all the information about the trip that I possibly needed, and kept in touch with me to ensure all my questions were answered. I signed up for everything: the Grey Whale Expedition, whale shark addition, and a day trip to Espiritu Santos.

From the moment I was picked up at the airport by the knowledgeable and hospitable Alan, to my arrival at the beautiful hotel that Lela had booked for us, I knew I was in for a wonderful adventure. Led by both Alan and Lela, we had adventures in the grey whale birthing lagoons. The babies kept spy hopping and looking at us, while the mothers scratched their backs on the shallow bottom of the lagoon and let their babies explore us.
Even now, I get excited to think that the whales were interacting with us as much as we were watching them. The small pangas, the extremely experienced panga drivers and small numbers in each panga, ensured that we each learned a lot from what Lela and Alan had to tell us.
Add-ons: The next day we swam with whale sharks. Close enough to touch these amazingly large fish, the captain of our guide boat placed us in perfect proximity to these gentle giants, so that our snorkel equipment allowed us to see the whale shark from one end to the other. Especially amazing was the way Alan and the other guides worked hard to ensure that those tentative swimmers among us had success.
Another day found us swimming with young sea lions. Nothing can explain the feeling as these exuberant youngsters approached us and played with and around us. With a wet suit on, I was happy to snorkel my way around a few of the coral reefs we encountered. Such an awe inspiring number of fish and many many types of fish. Our acccomodations at the Hotel Cathedral and the camping experience in Magdalena Bay were both over the top. Outstanding food, fabulous accommodations and comfortable friendships. I especially loved the yurt that overlooked the bay. You can be sure I will be back to experience what Lela and Alan and Panterra have to offer. This trip was one of the most amazing trips of my life.

Date of experience: February 2018