Wildlife Conservation Programs

In the fall of 2018, Panterra had the honor of signing an agreement with the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur (UABCS) with the goal of designing field research opportunities for their students. The initiative includes building international alliances with other universities for the purpose of developing collaborative research, studies, innovation and technological endeavors.

We also assist the remote communities we work with in setting up ongoing research and conservation programs where members of the community actually work alongside the scientists or are carrying on the monitoring and conservation programs themselves.

All of our expeditions blend science, local community involvement and educational tourism. We believe through education, public awareness and action we can help bring attention to our oceans critical state of affairs. Conservation efforts are needed more than ever as our climatic world is changing all around us. A portion of the proceeds from the expeditions goes towards supporting these efforts.

Our Young Naturalist Expeditions (high school credit program) offers involvement in one or more of the conservation programs. While the researchers may not realize it, they are encouraging and inspiring our next generation of scientists to follow in their footsteps.

“Never apologize for being over sensitive and emotional when defending the welfare of wildlife. Let this be a sign that you have a big heart and aren’t afraid to show your true feelings. These emotions give you the strength to fight for what is right and to be the voice of those who cannot be heard.”
― Paul Oxton


Whale Shark and Elasmobranch Research

In past years we have supported whale shark research and were instrumental in research done on pregnant female whale sharks and mobula rays. You may enjoy watching National Geographics “Jeb Hogan – The 1049 lb Shark” episode which we assisted in putting together on behalf of the series. It showcased whale shark research with Dr. Deni Ramirez and introduced ultrasounding on both pregnant whale sharks and mobula rays.

Post COVID we will be looking to invest in a new ultrasound and housing for continued research with researchers from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur in La Paz.

Sea Turtle Monitoring

Out in the desert islands of the southern Sea of Cortez, lives the amazing and beautiful community of El Pardito. The community members have dedicated their lives to conservation programs that draw students from universities around the world. Felipe and his brother Juan have the greatest respect and care for the ocean and the life within it. This community is a template for how to successfully blend sustainable fishing and marine conservation.

Panterra will continue it’s work with the community members of El Pardito in our involvement with the sea turtle conservation programs, as well as, introduce shallow water marine studies at a post secondary level.

Sea Turtle Hatchling Release

We are currently assisting the community of La Palma Sola, on Isla San José, with setting up a sea turtle hatchling (monitoring) program in 2022. For this community it is just the beginning of a series of wildlife conservation programs to be developed over the next few years.

The beautiful part about these remote communities is that they have lived there entire lives observing changes, whether climatic or natural cycle, and have their fingers on the pulse of their backyard. Through their knowledge and involvement, comes the opportunity for the development of geotourism and educational initiatives again bringing public awareness and education to tourists and students from around the world. And at the same time protecting the traditonal identity of the islanders.

Look for our Turtle Research Camp in 2022. Coming soon…

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