COVID19 update – Feb. 2021

Panterra has been offering expeditions to our guests for over 30 years and believe that it would be irresponsible of us to ignore the pandemic and carry on business as usual. With liveaboards it is even more difficult to suggest guests would be safe. Even if we were to implement safety protocols such as testing prior to departure, daily temperature checks, sanitizing the interior of the boat multiple times a day, etc. What happens if a guest becomes symptomatic 4 days into an 8 day trip? It would risk infecting the crew, guests and any communities we visited on the trip. The fall out would be devastating and we will not jeopardize the health and well being of the Mexican people we have come to hold dear to our hearts.

2021 Expeditions Postponed to 2022

As of Feb. 2021, we have rescheduled all 2021 expeditions to 2022. We are publishing our 2022 expeditions with the understanding that, at the time of the scheduled expedition, the COVID19 virus is contained, guests, crew and staff are vaccinated, and it is safe for the world to return to leisure travel. In saying this no one can predict when this will be. We can only move forward with the hope that this terrible global pandemic will be behind us when we resume our expeditions in 2022.

Please exercise care and stay safe through this surreal moment in time. 

Lela Sankeralli
Executive Director

On March 13, 2021, I received the following email to which I responded. In the leadership role of Panterra I had to stop and look at the whole picture. After thinking through the email I concluded the safety of the Mexican people we love were more important.

Leeah H – Calgary, Alberta
I seriously hope you look at your policy to require vaccinations in the future for guests! DISCRIMINATION.

Hi Leeah,
Thank you for bringing this up. You are absolutely right.

When I posted it, I was thinking of all the safety protocols I would need to put into place to safeguard my staff and crew in Mexico and the remote communities we visit. That is why I postponed all trips until 2022. It was a huge loss of revenue. Not as much for my pocket, but for the beautiful Mexican crew and staff that unlike Canadians, have no means of financial support while they wait for post COVID.

Honestly, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I know there are people out there that for many reasons will or cannot recieve the vaccine. So my question is, how do I protect the innocent communities? The crew and staff have all agreed to get vaccinated and I did pose the question, if anyone did not want to get it we would discuss. But everyone was in agreement.

My biggest concern is how do I keep the members of the remote communities we visit, safe? What is the trade off? Their possible lives or negative impact on the community, or our entitled right of decision to travel where we want, how we want and at whatever the cost may be.

I will definitely review my policy and please know I thank you kindly for feeling that you could address this and have it responded in the same honest concern of what is right and wrong as we all navigate our way through the pandemic.

Differences in opinions are healthy, it gives us the opportunity to possibly learn from a different perspective.

Kindest Regards,
Lela Sankeralli
Executive Director

Baja Unplugged – Journey to the Sea of Cortez Expeditions

Our 30+ years of expertise in this industry allows us to provide unique and often life changing expeditions. Our all-inclusive Sea of Cortez expeditions blend educational and cultural experiences with the warmth and kindness that reflects the beauty and hospitality of the people of Baja, Mexico and leave our guests with memories of a lifetime.

Join us for an all inclusive vacation experience unlike any other.  The Baja unplugged! We look forward to seeing you onboard!

Our Expeditions include:

  • Natural History/Soft Adventure
  • Scientific Adventures/Wildlife Adventures and Conservation
  • School Trips
  • Snorkel Adventures
  • Wine and Culinary
  • Medical / Dental Volunteer
  • Private Groups
  • Travel Agency Partnerships

Latest Government Regulations for Swimming with Wildlife

Snorkelling with Whale Sharks – Oct 15, 2020 to Apr. 30, 2021 
Important info: SEMARNAT, the Mexican government  agency responsible for tourism in the the whale shark area, known as Mogote, regulate  the number of boats allowed in the area at any given time. Depending on the number of boats in the queue will dictate our time of entry. At times it can take up to 1 hour waiting in line. Our certified guides will take up to 4 persons at a time in the water with a whale shark and under government regulation, for a 30 minute period with each whale shark.

Snorkeling with Sea Lions – black out date is from June 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021
During this time the female sea lions are pupping and it is not possible to swim or dive in Los Islotes or San Rafaelito. We can visit Los Islotes for viewing only and will then move to another area outside of Los Islotes for snorkelling.

Disclaimer: It is our intention to fulfill all activities mentioned in the expedition brochure. However, due to circumstances beyond our control (such as weather, scientist/conservationist availability, etc), plans may change and an activity may be cancelled or incur a change of date within the original expedition date. We kindly ask that you embrace the trip and be flexible to any changes that may occur.


2022 Expeditions

Winter / Spring

Journey of the Pacific Gray Whale - hotel accom. with day trips on the water

Blue Whales and Cave Paintings - hotel accom. with day trips on the water

Gray Whales and Whale Sharks - liveaboard cruising and hotel accom.

Baja Spirits and Culinary Cruise - liveaboard cruising

Journey of Giving - liveaboard cruising and hotel accom.

Summer 2022

Summer Cruise for Educators - liveaboard cruising and hotel accom.

Summer Cruising Baja Style - liveaboard cruising

Fall 2022

Whale Sharks, Sea Turtles and Snorkel Adventure - liveaboard cruising and hotel accom.

Journey to the Sea of Cortez - liveaboard cruising


2022 - Glamping on Isla San Jose - Mar. - July/Oct. - Nov. - soon to be published

2022 - Glamping on Isla San Jose - Mar. - July/Oct. - Nov. - soon to be published