Baja Unplugged – Journey to the Sea of Cortez Expeditions

Our 30+ years of expertise in this industry allows us to provide unique and often life changing expeditions. Our all-inclusive Sea of Cortez expeditions blend educational and cultural experiences with the warmth and kindness that reflects the beauty and hospitality of the people of Baja, Mexico and leave our guests with memories of a lifetime.

Join us for an all inclusive vacation experience unlike any other.  The Baja unplugged! We look forward to seeing you onboard!

Our Expeditions include:

  • Natural History / Adventure
  • Field Studies / Research (to include High School and Citizen Science programs)
  • Medical / Dental Volunteer
  • Custom Designed (private group bookings)  

Latest Government Regulations for Swimming with Wildlife

Snorkelling with Whale Sharks – Oct 15, 2019 to May 30, 2020 
Important info: SEMARNAT, the Mexican government  agency responsible for tourism in the the whale shark area, known as Mogote, regulate  the number of boats allowed in the area at any given time. Depending on the number of boats in the cue will dictate our time of entry. At times it can take up to 1 hour waiting in line. Our certified guides will take up to 4 persons at a time in the water with a whale shark and only for a 30 minute period.

Snorkeling with Sea Lions – black out date is from June 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020
During this time the female sea lions are pupping and it is not possible to swim or dive in Los Islotes or San Rafaelito. We can visit Los Islotes for viewing only and will then move to another area outside of Los Islotes for snorkelling.

Disclaimer: It is our intention to fulfill all activities mentioned in the expedition brochure. However, due to circumstances beyond our control (such as weather, scientist/conservationist availability, etc), plans may change and an activity may be cancelled or incur a change of date within the expedition original date. We kindly ask that you embrace the trip and be flexible to any changes that may occur.

2020 Expeditions

All winter/spring/summer expeditions have been cancelled due to COVID19 and government travel advisories. For the trips cancelled, we have rescheduled for 2021. Please see 2021 expeditions listed below.

Fall 2020

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic it is difficult to predict what the next few months, possible year, what future travel will look like and when we will get back to normal. Until this world situation has been dealt with we are assuming that our scheduled trips for the 2020 Fall season will ONLY resume when international government travel bans are lifted and it is once again safe for non-essential (leisure) travel. For those guests scheduled for the Oct./Nov. trips we will reschedule for 2021 if the government travel bans have not been lifted.

Oct. 14 – 20 – Whale Sharks, Sea Turtles and Snorkel Adventure – full for 2020

Please scroll down for 2021 dates and information.


Oct. 23 – 27 – Snorkel and Whale Shark Experience – full for 2020

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Nov. 5 – 9 – University R&D Expedition

– please contact our office for more information


2021 Expeditions

Winter / Spring

Spring / Summer

2021 - April 15 - 22 - Journey of Giving Medical / Dental Expedition - 8 days - brochure coming soon

2021 - April 15 - 22 - Journey of Giving Medical / Dental Expedition - 8 days - brochure coming soon