Our day trips and multi-day expeditions are designed for guests to explore the history, culture and landscape of the area visited. Whether it is a ranch in the mountains, gray whale birthing lagoons, ancient cave paintings, or fossil beds, guests will experience the beauty of traditional Mexico. Exploring the Sea of Cortez allows guests to experience marine and desert island flora, fauna and geology. Take a rare and unique glimpse into an area where marine animals arrive in the safety of a naturally protected area, the Sea of Cortez.

Unleash the explorer in you and join us on a life-changing adventure where we explore the raw beauty of the land, sea and culture of the people of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Latest Government Regulations for Swimming with Wildlife

Snorkelling with Whale Sharks – 2023 season – The whale shark season is closed to tourism due to the lack of the whale sharks in the area at the moment. SEMARNAT, the Mexican government agency responsible for tourism in the whale shark area, known as Mogote, regulates both the number of feeding whales sharks and boats allowed in the area at any given time. Depending on the number of in the queue will dictate our time of entry. The waiting time can be up to two hours. Under government regulation, our certified guides will take up to 4 persons at a time in the water with an individual whale shark for 30 minutes only. 

Snorkelling with Sea LionsFrom  June 1 – August 31, the female sea lions are pupping. At this time, tourism is closed to swimming or diving at the main breeding grounds of Los Islotes. We can visit Los Islotes for viewing and move to another area outside of Los Islotes for snorkelling with sea lions, San Rafaelito. All other months, guests have the rare opportunity to snorkel the California sea lion breeding grounds of Los Islotes or San Rafaelito.

Disclaimer: It is our intention to fulfill all activities mentioned in the expedition brochure. However, due to circumstances beyond our control (such as weather and season openings for tourism), plans may change and an activity may be cancelled, replaced with another activity or incur a change of date within the original expedition date. We kindly ask that you embrace the trip and be flexible to any changes that may occur.

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