Build Your Vacation

On each Expeditions detail page you will find the Day Trips & Recommended Add-Ons based on activities and services offered at the time of year of your expedition. Once you have determined the add-ons simply click on “Build Your Vacation” and we will help you put it all together. Everything you need to plan the perfect vacation, all in one place.

How the “Build Your Vacation” system works:

Click on the expedition of your choice. It will automatically bring up all the applicable add-ons based on what is offered during the particular season. From there simply click on:

  • hotel for extra nights
  • transportation for options outside of the expedition dates (transportation from Cabo or La Paz airports on the first and last day of expeditions are included in the expedition cost)
  • day trip activities that may not be offered on the expedition or you would like to repeat
  • multi-day activities with trusted partners

Once you have selected your expedition/add-ons click on SUBMIT and it will send you  your planned vacation by email to include the full cost and applicable discounts. Once you have made the decision to confirm, continue through the booking system and it will instruct you accordingly.

Please enter the names of the individuals that are going on the expedition.
Please select the expeditions for which payment is being made
Transportation (Airport/Hotel transfers)

Please note: Transportation is included on the first and last day of the expedition. The following are your options prior or after the trip. Pricing is based on Cabo Airport / La Paz transfers.

Hotel (Hotel Catedral)

Please Note: Hotel accommodation during the trip is included in the expedition fee. If you are arriving before or after the trip, these are your options -

Single room with king size bed ($175 per night)
Double room with two double beds - Queen size ($175 per night)
Pre Trip
Post Trip
Between trips if it exceeds 2 nights

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