Our liveaboard cruising expeditions take place onboard a 110 ft. ship custom designed and built for comfortable, quiet, intimate cruising. Having explored the area for over 35 years, we know where to find the whales, dolphins, sea lions, mobula rays, coastal birds and more. We have discovered the best places for snorkeling and hiking and designed into our expeditions a look inside the life of remote communities that have existed for many decades without running water and electricity, traditional identity.

Our land-based expeditions are designed to explore the history and culture of the area visited. Whether it is a ranch in the mountains, gray whale birthing lagoons, ancient cave paintings, missions dating back to the 1600’s or fossil beds, guests will experience true and traditional Mexico.

The staff, volunteers and supported researchers have diverse backgrounds, and contribute to the wealth of experiences, education and knowledge of our expeditions. All of our expeditions blend educational and cultural experiences with the warmth and kindness that reflects the beauty and hospitality of the people of Baja, Mexico leaving our guests with memories of a lifetime. We have spent decades building relationships with these communities.

Panterra has been granted the only legal right to access the 6th largest island in Mexico, Isla San José, for the purposes of developing tourism and research programs. In 2022, we will be introducing our new programming on the island with special emphasis on developing research and citizen science expeditions.

Unleash the explorer in you and join us on a life changing adventure where we explore the land, sea and culture of the people of Baja California Sur.

Latest Government Regulations for Swimming with Wildlife

Snorkelling with Whale Sharks – To be updated post COVID
Important info: SEMARNAT, the Mexican government  agency responsible for tourism in the the whale shark area, known as Mogote, regulate  the number of boats allowed in the area at any given time. Depending on the number of boats in the queue will dictate our time of entry. At times it can take up to 1 hour waiting in line. Our certified guides will take up to 4 persons at a time in the water with a whale shark and under government regulation, for a 30 minute period with each whale shark.

Snorkeling with Sea Lions – To be updated post COVID
During this time the female sea lions are pupping and it is not possible to swim or dive in Los Islotes or San Rafaelito. We can visit Los Islotes for viewing only and will then move to another area outside of Los Islotes for snorkelling.

Disclaimer: It is our intention to fulfill all activities mentioned in the expedition brochure. However, due to circumstances beyond our control (such as weather, scientist/conservationist availability, etc), plans may change and an activity may be cancelled or incur a change of date within the original expedition date. We kindly ask that you embrace the trip and be flexible to any changes that may occur.

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